A shooter where you get to play against your own music collection!

New boss artwork

Hi everyone,

Thanks everybody for your kind feedback on Arachnid, we’re really glad you guys (and girls!) like it! As promised, here’s another boss for this week – Decibel:

Feedback and comments most welcome, thanks for the wait and hope you people like it!


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3 Responses to “New boss artwork”

  1. Once again, I dig it; the art is a nice, sharp, clean style. I can’t wait to see some of these in action.

  2. Also, I’d be curious to hear what your planned distribution model is. I know that it is probably a bit early to be asking that of you, so there’s no pressure in answering.

  3. Thanks Phero, we will keep you informed about the distribution model once we are able to announce it. Thanks for the support!

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