A shooter where you get to play against your own music collection!

Play Shmusicup Beta now!

SHMUSICUP Beta available now!

Play it FREE here.

We have just launched our open Beta, and you are invited to play! Get your best tracks on and get ready for some shmup action!

The preview beta is FREE to play, and if you pre-order the full game you will get instant access to the full beta now!

Please understand that the game is still in development, and there might be the occasional bug or error. If you do encounter one, please do us a massive favour and report the bug through the link in the game to help us make the game better!


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4 Responses to “Play Shmusicup Beta now!”

  1. been following this since very early
    and from what i see this is great
    loving the beta

  2. Hey raptorfangamer,

    Thanks for the support, glad that you are enjoying it!


  3. I looooove this

    Just a question, where can I view the highscores?

  4. Hi Ramses,

    Thank you for the support! You can currently view the highscores in the game by selecting the song which you want to view, then choosing the boss which you want to view the highscore for. The highscores will be displayed by the side. Each boss has its own highscore board for each mp3.

    We are looking into implementing the highscore board into our site so that you can view them outside of the game.



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