A shooter where you get to play against your own music collection!

SHMUSICUP is officially launched!

We are excited to announce that Shmusicup is out of beta now and is officially launched! If you didn’t catch the previous announcement, Shmusicup is also available for download on PC here.

We have integrated into some social networks, and you can now share your scores for your songs on Facebook and Twitter! Please like Shmusicup’s Facebook app page here!

We are still committed to improve on the game though, so keep the feedback and bug reports coming, we want to make it as great as possible!


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8 Responses to “SHMUSICUP is officially launched!”

  1. Next step: Android OS version. 8D

  2. Definitely looking into it!

  3. Awesome!

  4. since it is now complete I guess you added something new, or fixed some bugs, I also found the downloadable version really buggy, and while it is cool, it just needs a little polishing (check when you try to select a song, but then you want another one, and also, a way to store the data on your hard drive instead of an acc.)

  5. Hey raptorfangamer, can you please elaborate on the bug you mentioned? We tried selecting a song and selecting another but we can’t seem to find any problems. If you could tell us the steps you did to reproduce the error we can fix it asap.
    As for storing data locally, we store some settings locally but most of the others online to ensure that when you play the online and desktop versions the data are the same. I’ve sent this to your email as well, you can reply from there. Thanks!

  6. well,
    I was offline if that affects the bug at all.

    1. select free songs/browse songs
    2. select a song
    3. select another song after that (browse songs)
    4. you will get a no info, and if you click continue, it gets you to the another song

    there is also another bug, which seems, is also affected by being offline.

    1. play any song
    2. play another song after that, getting a “no info” in the song info box
    3. press play and it will tell you, you havent selected a song

    please note that all of the songs have basic information in the song info box, unless it gets bugged

    those bugs make it unplayable for me, since I downloaded it and trespassed it to a computer without internet, which is my main one.

    As for the local data one, they could be stored as “profiles” on the hard drive, for example:
    Guest profile (for when you play without logging in)
    *insertaccountnamehere* profile (when logged in)
    *insertanotheraccountnamehere* profile (when logged in with another account), and also for being stored locally, they get synchronized with the main server (as for the one with the most stats, unlocks, overwriting the old acc. database), unless it is the guest profile.

    thanks for your attention

  7. Nice game, I like the concept but how much will it cost when it is done? It’s neither stated in the FAQs nor in the game info section. So?

    PS: Paypal sucks…

  8. Hi Elric, thanks for the interest. The game costs US$9.99 at the moment, and you can order from within the game itself. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still purchase with a credit card through Paypal’s website. We apologise that this is the current method we support because of its secure payment system, but we will definitely be looking at implementing more payment options in the future. Thank you for your understanding!

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