A shooter where you get to play against your own music collection!

Shmusicup now $4.99 plus Facebook login

It’s been a quite some time since the last update, we’ve been really busy with projects!

Shmusicup v1.2 is out now, we’ve added Facebook login support, fixed a few minor bugs and best of all, we’re having a time-limited price reduction for Shmusicup! So for those who haven’t got their copy… Get it now for just $4.99!

*Note: You might need to clear your cookies if the download link does not point you to version 1.2.

We’ve also put together a gameplay video featuring the track “Border of Life” from Touhou Project – Perfect Cherry Blossom. Got to pay tribute to one of the best shoot’em ups out there!

Play Shmusicup demo for FREE Now!

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