A shooter where you get to play against your own music collection!

New Shmusicup video featuring Firework by Katy Perry

We just thought Katy Perry’s Firework plays really well with the visuals in Flare stage, so here’s a video we recorded:

Shmusicup now $4.99 plus Facebook login

It’s been a quite some time since the last update, we’ve been really busy with projects! Shmusicup v1.2 is out now, we’ve added Facebook login support, fixed a few minor bugs and best of all, we’re having a time-limited price reduction for Shmusicup! So for those who haven’t got their copy… Get it now for [...]

Introducing Backflow!

Hello everyone, It’s been a while! We’ve been busy with lots of contract work and other projects that there just wasn’t enough time to post. Well, to make things up here’s a new iPhone game that Tzai is publishing, introducing Backflow!

SHMUSICUP Official Trailer out now!

We have just released an official trailer for SHMUSICUP, which contains the latest footage and also a preview of the last boss, Flare.