A shooter where you get to play against your own music collection!


Date Version Details
09-06-2011 Released Flare stage and graze mode for free demo.
21-05-2011 Added error message for players who experience the bug in some browsers where more than one Flash is running.
20-05-2011 Fixed album art bug and options tooltip error.
19-05-2011 Fixed Peace achievement bug and some minor text errors.
12-05-2011 Official release. Minor bug fixes.
06-05-2011 Minor bug fixes. Added link for downloaded version.
05-04-2011 Added sharing of scores to Facebook and Twitter. Some minor bug fixes.
05-04-2011 Tuning of power ups appearance timing
31-03-2011 Pause game bug fix, tweaks in bonuses
29-03-2011 Added boss Overdrive, bonuses
20-03-2011 Fixed unlock Graze mode and number of songs played bug
17-03-2011 Fixed continue game bug
16-03-2011 Beta release