A shooter where you get to play against your own music collection!

SHMUSICUP is officially launched!

We are excited to announce that Shmusicup is out of beta now and is officially launched! If you didn’t catch the previous announcement, Shmusicup is also available for download on PC here.

We have integrated into some social networks, and you can now share your scores for your songs on Facebook and Twitter! Please like Shmusicup’s Facebook app page here!

We are still committed to improve on the game though, so keep the feedback and bug reports coming, we want to make it as great as possible!


Download and play SHMUSICUP on PC!

The downloadable version for PC (beta) is out now, have a go at it today!

Additional features includes:

  • Support for other formats: AAC, m4a, even MP4 and FLV! You can now play Shmusicup with the audio from your video files!
  • Better mp3 support. Better ID3 reading and support for all different encoding.
  • Full screen mode – Enhance your Shmusicup experience by playing full screen!
  • Play with your Joystick / Gamepad!

One of the feedback we received the most is to have support for other file formats, especially AAC. Due to security limitations we could not achieve that with the online version, but for the download version we have gone a step further and even support video formats! We have also enhanced the game experience with full screen and joystick / gamepad support!

Players who have already pre-ordered can access the full game just by logging in with their username and password in the downloaded game.

Download and play Shmusicup on PC now!

SHMUSICUP Official Trailer out now!

We have just released an official trailer for SHMUSICUP, which contains the latest footage and also a preview of the last boss, Flare.

Try the game out if you haven’t already done so!


We have received lots of feedback regarding the boss life in SHMUSICUP, both positive and negative. Some players liked the idea of the life bar corresponding to the length of the song, while others think that shooting at a boss aimlessly is not exciting enough. All agreed that no one wants the song to end prematurely though, so we had to figure out a solution.

In this latest update we have included a new feature, Boss Overdrive. The life of the boss has changed now, and actually depletes according to how much you shoot at it. To rapidly decrease its health, shoot at the core, which is at the center of every boss (The boss blinks when the core is shot so it’s easy to tell). Getting the life of the boss down to zero triggers Boss Overdrive, in which scores double, but the boss moves faster. The key to getting awesome scores will be to get into Boss Overdrive as soon as possible early in the song.

There are multiple endings and bonuses depending on the remaining life of the boss as well. Additional tweaks and bug fixes have also been made to the game based on suggestions and feedback, have a go now and see the new changes!


On a side note we discovered that in some rare cases, when you have more than one Flash movie running (adverts included), the characters don’t appear, only the background and nothing else. We are working hard to fix the bug, but in the mean time if you encounter this problem please switch to another browser or close other pages that have Flash running. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Another great review!

As we work on improving SHMUSICUP, the guys over at Shmuptacular have done a review of the game here.

Pretty good score they gave us! Some of the stuff mentioned in the review will shortly be changed (for the better of course) as we roll out our new update, please stay tuned!