A shooter where you get to play against your own music collection!


The great folks over at Capsule Computers have written a review of our game here.

Tierra Gamer, a Spanish game site also did a review of SHMUSICUP here.
It’s in Spanish though, although you can view it with Google’s amusing translation here.

Very glad that they liked the game, and some very good points raised which we are looking to address.

We’ve got some really great feedback after the launch of our Beta, and we are working on tweaks and implementation of some features suggested (and obviously bug fixes). There seems to be a weird issue of the game not running on Firefox on some Macs, but that seems to only happen to a very small number of people. We are trying to figure out the problem, apologies for the inconvenience but for now please do try playing the game in a different browser if it doesn’t work for you.

Play Shmusicup Beta now!

SHMUSICUP Beta available now!

Play it FREE here.

We have just launched our open Beta, and you are invited to play! Get your best tracks on and get ready for some shmup action!

The preview beta is FREE to play, and if you pre-order the full game you will get instant access to the full beta now!

Please understand that the game is still in development, and there might be the occasional bug or error. If you do encounter one, please do us a massive favour and report the bug through the link in the game to help us make the game better!


Calling all musicians!

As you all might already know, SHMUSICUP will include a list of free songs (in addition to the player’s own mp3 option) for players to play the game with. We have a few pieces from a couple of musicians on hand that we are including, but we thought we would extend the invitation to all musicians who wants to showcase their music to the world! If you have a track that you’re proud of and think it is suitable for the game please send them to us for consideration.

Please send them to:

If your music is selected to be used in the game, your name will be credited and a link to your website will be provided.

Look forward to all the awesome tracks we would be previewing!


New Shmusicup Gameplay Footage

Things are getting real busy with production as we approach our final phase of development, but we’ve not forgotten about you. We’ve just released some new gameplay footage for Shmusicup, featuring Arachnid.

This contains 100% actual game footage, and pretty much reflects final gameplay. Let us know what you think in the comments (especially if you think it’s awesome! :D ) or feel free to drop us an email.

We are looking to release more footage in the coming weeks, please stay tuned!

Happy Chinese New Year!


Lyric and her 3 suits

In Shmusicup you can choose to play Lyric in 3 different modes, each having its own suit and scoring pattern.


In PROX Mode, your multiplier increases more rapidly the higher up the screen you go to. In other words, the nearer you are to the boss, the faster your score multiplier increases.


Get near the enemy bullets and “graze” them to increase your multiplier in GRAZE Mode.

AIM Mode

The multiplier will increase as more shots hit the target. Be careful though, missed shots decrease the multiplier as well.

We have created wallpapers for each different mode too, to get them for free please sign up to receive the latest updates!
(Registered fans will receive an email link to the wallpaper download page)

Go on, let us know what you think!