A shooter where you get to play against your own music collection!

New boss artwork

Hi everyone,

Thanks everybody for your kind feedback on Arachnid, we’re really glad you guys (and girls!) like it! As promised, here’s another boss for this week – Decibel:

Feedback and comments most welcome, thanks for the wait and hope you people like it!


Boss Artwork for Shmusicup

Hello guys,

Many fans have wrote in to request to see more of Shmusicup, so we have decided to release some artwork of the bosses that you will be playing against.

One boss artwork is going to be released each week, with a total of 6 bosses planned. You have already seen one in the trailer, and now we proudly present Arachnid!

Do you like it? Please feel free to give us feedback in the form of comments or email, we are more than happy to hear you out!

Please stay tuned for the second boss next week!

Stay cool,

We’ve been interviewed!

Hello fans!

Shmusicup is gaining popularity and we are really excited about it! We’ve been interviewed thanks to Ishaan from Siliconera! (and all the awesome guys at Siliconera!)

Many interesting questions were asked, if you wish to learn more about the development of Shmusicup please head over to the interview here.


We certainly hope that the interview gives you an insight to the “making of” Shmusicup, and we definitely welcome any feedback/suggestions/questions that you may have, please feel free to contact us or leave us a comment.


SHMUSICUP Development Team

People are looking forward to Shmusicup!

It’s only beenĀ  a few days after our trailer was launched and many people are already talking about it! Gamers are writing about it on blogs and forums and we even received a few interview requests! We are very excited about the small popularity and interest!

Just to list a few, some of the sites that featured Shmusicup include:

Thank you for the coverage!

We received many good feedback and interesting suggestions, and we will certainly look into them. We want to make Shmusicup as great as it can possibly be!


First SHMUSICUP trailer released!

Hello fans of SHMUSICUP,

Our trailer for the game has been released! Catch the first glimpse of actual gameplay now!

Catch it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erFJ3KQlaf0
or you view it here.

If you liked it please help spread the word, we want everyone to look forward to and enjoy our games!

Also, do send us any suggestions/questions/feedback, we love to improve! Please contact us here.